The Additive July August 2022

Want to know how to get more clickable ads? We show you the latest research from Sharethrough and AdNerdle to help you understand what makes ads more clickable. How can advertisers get games offers to convert? Check out ExoClick's free Ultimate Guide to Online Games Offers for tips on converting ExoClick's traffic sources, ad format CTRs for different GEOs and case study. Download it here We interview Guandi Bai from ad security and quality solution AdSecure about how crypto miners can hijack end user devices and AdSecure's new Heavy Ad detection to help ad networks and publishers ensure ads served meet Google's Heavy Ad Intervention on Chrome 84 and above, which blocks resource-intensive ads that use too much network bandwidth or user device CPU Cryptojacking and How to Protect End Users AdSecure’s New Heavy Ad Detection #onlineadvertising #adtech #digitaladvertising #affiliatemarketing #onlinegames #games #adnetwork #exoclick #adsecure #publishers #cryptocurrency #cryptomining #google ⭐️ Contents ⭐ (0:33) The Ultimate Guide to Games Offers (1:40) More clickable ads Sharethrough research (3:28) Subscribe! (3:36) More clickable ads with AdNerdle test (6:50) Interview with AdSecure's Guandi Bai