The Additive Affiliate World Europe Report Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of our Affiliate World Europe 2018 special. Packed with affiliate tips covering the Chinese market, Financial affiliation, Gaming and more! We interview YeahMobi, LeadBit, Traffic Cardinal, Iq Option, PWN Games, Safe Names, Sam Media, The European Summit and Response Finance. More info here

Ad industry articles

The importance of brand safety

Just over half of the 332 UK digital advertising professionals surveyed by Integral Ad Science in March said that brand safety will be a greater concern for them in 2018 than it was in previous years. (article from eMarketer)


Millennials would rather lose a sense than their smartphone

At least a quarter of millennials would rather lose one of their senses than be without their smartphone, new research from mobile app developer Tappable revealed. The survey of 500 people aged 18 to 34 years noted that smell was the most sacrificed sense (64%), followed by sight and touch (12% each). (From Business of Apps)


Facebook testing Augmented Reality ads in news feed

Facebook is testing AR in the news feed with a select group of advertisers. (Article from Techcrunch)